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Boxing CEC Accreditation
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Boxing Skills Accreditation for Personal Trainers

Boxing-based exercise has become one of the most popular training methods used by Personal Trainers today.

Boxing provides an intense cardiovascular workout for your clients and is a great training method to increase muscle tone and decrease body fat. Boxing is also a great way for your clients to relieve stress and improve their self-confidence.

As well as being a great form of exercise, boxing is also a great business building tool as pad work requires the assistance of a qualified trainer, therefore your client will always need you there.

As professional boxers and personal trainers, one of our greatest frustrations is seeing other PT’s teach incorrect techniques. An incorrect technique not only reduces the effectiveness of a training exercise, it can also be extremely unsafe for both the trainer and client.

For these reasons, a Personal Trainer CANNOT be insured to run any form of boxing-related exercise without first successfully completing an accredited boxing course.

We have used our many years of experience in the Boxing and Fitness industries to develop our PAD-PRO Program to give you the skills and correct boxing techniques to safely take your clients through a boxing session, whether one-on-one or in a group environment.

We hope you enjoy our PAD-PRO Program and hope the knowledge we share with you gives you the confidence and enthusiasm needed to run fantastic boxing sessions for your clients.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All course content adheres to Fitness Australia’s safety guidelines.

  • Assessment & Accreditation

    To achieve course accreditation, you must be deemed competent in all of the following assessment criteria:
    ● Written Assessment (see pages 13 and 14 of this booklet) – Must answer all questions correctly to be deemed competent.
    ● Understand safety considerations and techniques to minimise the chance of injury.
    ● Demonstrate appropriate warm up techniques.
    ● Demonstrate how to correctly wrap hands.
    ● Demonstrate correct footwork.
    ● Teach and perform the 5 basic punches in boxing.
    ● Demonstrate correct pad holding techniques.
    ● Teach how to slip and roll incoming punches.
    ● Be able to identify and correct poor/incorrect boxing technique.
    ● Understand the benefits of boxing.
    ● Understand how to vary the intensity of a workout.
    ● Demonstrate the ability to perform and structure a one-on-one boxing session.

  • Course Outline

    1 – Stance and Footwork
    2 – Warm up
    3 – The Jab
    4 – The Cross
    5 – The Hook
    6 – The Right Uppercut
    7 – The Left Uppercut
    8 – Slipping
    9 – Rolling
    10 – Pad holding
    11 – Practical workshop
    12 – Written Assessment

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be visually assessed by the course presenters throughout today’s sessions. These visual assessments, combined with the written assessment will form your overall assessment for competency and accreditation.

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